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Unconditional blu wind ASD is a small, independent association with many years sailing and teaching experience.


Danilo and Simona married since 2017 , Danilo is an schipper and entertainer, Simona is a primary school’s teacher. Moment, as perfect as this one, is almost impossible to recreate in a usual charter.

We are based  in Genova . The boat we have is mythical Grand Soleil 34 is a true legend: designed by Finot in the 1970s, has remained in production until the 1980’s, with over 300 hulls made.

Click on the tittle of the excursion and you will have access to all the information such as photos, videos, prices reviews.. everything you need to make the best decision when on holiday in Genova, Arenzano, Camogli, Portofino.





Come on a lovelly adventure, you’ll be spinning yarns about for years. Are...
€ 85,00 P.p.


2 days and 1 night, check in 10.00 am check out at 21.00 the next day,...
€ 120,00 P.p.

Arenzano excursion

Opportunities to do & to see… Arenzano is a pleasant small town with...
€ 70,00 p.p.